These Pakistani Kids Had Questions about Space, And What Happened Next Was Amazing! [Updated]

This story will put a smile on your face.


Here’s something you don’t see every day. A group of fourth-graders from Cornerstone School in Karachi had questions about space. Their teacher, in a bid to make learning fun, put the same questions on social media, all in the hopes that the experts at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) themselves could come forward and make these youngsters’ day. And guess what, they did!

The teacher tweeted her students’ questions last night. And lo and behold, famous scientists and astronauts from NASA actually answered all their queries. Talk about having the best teacher ever, who came up with the whole thing.


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Let’s take a look how it all went down.

Kevin, a software engineer from NASA, answered Haniyah’s question first.


However, a planetary geologist, Ulrich Kohler revealed it’s really just a theory and we don’t know for sure as it hasn’t been observed and documented.


Making things more interesting, the Emmy-nominated host of ‘Xploration Outer Space‘ Emily Calandreli also answered these kids’ questions. She might not be an astronaut but she’s no layman when it comes to space.


However, the best part has to be when famous astronaut Chris Hadfield replied to Mahrukh’s question about space exploration and Rayyan’s question about getting lost in space.

Having a Pakistani space scientist pitch in was definitely a proud moment.


Although NASA themselves didn’t reply, their German counterpart DLR did. It was very kind of this space institution to take time out and respond to children. Maybe they can help these kids with their field trip too? One can only wish!

All in all, this was an amazing use of social media to make learning fun. We wish more teachers could do this. Also, we are looking forward to how the kids react once they find out how famous scientists and astronauts personally answered their queries today.

We do hope the teacher captures their reactions!


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Reaction Time

Much like you can’t keep the smile off your face after reading this, Netizens swarmed to swoon over this touching moment. But what about the actual kids’ reactions? Good thing the teacher of the millennium was kind enough to take all the responses these kids received and put them in envelopes like the real deal.


Then the kids got to open their letters, and oh boy were their reactions worth it.


Thanks to the host of Xploration Outer Space host Emily Calendrelli:


To say the kids felt it was too good to be true is an understatement….. but then again we’re still waiting on an answer regarding that field trip. Your move, NASA.


Aside from the sniffles and thank yous here are some of the best reactions from Twitter.


This reminds us why it’s so important to celebrate good teachers. They really do polish the potential a child has. Yeah, totally made up for our childhood teacher traumas.