This American Drama About Firefighters Doesn’t Know How to Portray A Muslim Character

It is getting trolled on the internet.

911: Lone Star

With the recent wave of inclusivity running through Hollywood, there have been so many roles for characters who come from minority faiths. Yet the struggle for representation continues with television series like 911: Lone Star. They got the portrayal of a Muslim supporting character so bad, it has to be seen to be believed.

You’d think with a Muslim character on-screen the struggle would representation would end, but no. The series couldn’t even get the proper way to offer ‘Salaah‘ (Muslim prayer) right.

It’s apparent that the showrunners for 911: Lone Star have not done their research, even when there are dozens of tutorials on the subject. Then again this is a Fox series, and we all know how ‘accurate’ they can be.


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Muslim Twitter trolls 911: Lone Star

Of course, there was some good ol’ fashioned trolling by Muslim Twitter about this. They wasted no time in lending their experience free of cost, adding some value to the #911LoneStar  trend.

911: Lone Star was really just relying on stereotypes. Maybe now they could change that, but it might not work for Fox’s target audience.

A lot of laughs were had:


The trailer did give us a glimpse of what was to come, but somehow, name dropping Cardi B gave us hope.

If this wasn’t enough, this show also ‘tries’ to showcase the concept of modesty for Muslim women. Spoiler alert: they went too overboard.  We will let this clip do the rest of the talking:


We gotta ask though. Should we be grateful a white actor didn’t get to play Marjan Marwani?

Maybe the wall is what they were going for.


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Yet this thing for exotic women keeps that wall project in the pipeline.


Things like this are exactly why celebrities like Jordan Peele and Aziz Ansari started making their own content. Because writing in a minority character doesn’t count unless there’s an accurate and real representation.

So what do you think? Did they go too overboard with this? Or is this just Hollywood being its usual dumb self when it comes to portraying Muslim characters?


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