These are the Top 10 Richest Female Rappers Worldwide

See who made the list of the richie rich.

Richest Female Rappers

So last night at the Grammy’s, Cardi B became the first female solo artist to win the ‘Best Rap Album of the Year Award’. With the feat, she has cemented her place as one of the handful of richest female rappers from around the world.

In the past, all the ‘best albums awards’ from the Hip-Hop genre were held by men. Rap, in particular, is a male-dominated genre and it wasn’t till rappers like Missy Elliot came along that fans considered women as legit artists. Now rappers like Nicki Minaj are considered even better than their male counterparts.

Cardi B’s album Invasion Of Privacy was also nominated for ‘Best Album of the Year’ but Sarah Musgraves took home the prize for her album Golden Hour.

In light of this milestone moment here are the richest female rappers of the year.

Richest Female Rapper List

1. Eve

Image Source: marjaylins_sway Instagram

The 38 years-old rapper and actress made her debut on Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath as Eve of Destruction. She was the first female to win a Grammy Award in rap song category for her famous single Let Me Blow Ya Mind.

Eve’s net worth is 10 million dollars.

2. Iggy Azalia

Image Source: Iggy Azalia Instagram

The 26 years-old Australian rapper made her debut with a single Fancy.


Iggy Azalia’s net worth is also $ 10 million.

3. DJ Spinderella

Image Source: DJ Spinderella Instagram

This rapper is also a music producer like Dr. Dre. Her real name is Deridra Muriel Roper.

DJ Spinderella;’s net worth is 10 million dollars. She was once a member of the hip-hop group Salt-n-Pepa.

4. Cheryl James

Image Source: Cheryl James Instagram

Cheryl James AKA Salt from Salt-n-Peppa, is also an actress. She founded Salt-n-Peppa in 1984 along with her college mate Sandra Denton.

Cheryl James’ net worth is around 14 million dollars approximately.

5. Sandra Denton

Image Source: rockcandymusicandmore Instagram

Another member of Salt-n-Peppa. Sandra Denton’s estimated net worth is $15 million.

She was Peppa to Cheryl James’ Salt. She even had her own reality television show.

6. Lil Kim

Image Source: Lil Kim Instagram

Kimberly Denise Jones is a protegee of the legendary Biggie Smalls. Before Beyonce, this Grammy Award winner was titled Hip-Hop’s Queen Bee.


Lil Kim’s estimated net worth is 18 million dollars.

7. Bahamadia

This rapper was one of the most sought-after lyricists of her time. Antonia Reed was famous for her freestyle (hip-hop term for rapping spontaneous lyrics).

She is worth an approximate 32 million dollars.

8. Missy Elliot

Image Source: Missy Elliot Instagram

This Grammy award winner ruled the billboard for 7 years straight. She is still one of the most famous rappers known today for her cheeky and pro-fem lyrics.

Even now Missy Elliot’s estimated net worth is 50 million dollars.

9. Queen Latifah

Image Source: Queen Latifah Instagram

This rapper made her debut with All Hail the Queen in 1989. She is one of the pioneers of feminist rappers/hip-hop artists. She went on to become a famous actress and an acclaimed social activist.

Queen Latifah’s net worth is approximately $ 60 million dollars


10. Nicki Minaj

Image Source: Nicki Minaj Instagram

Cardi B may be making history but Nicki Minaj is still the queen. The rapper is worth a whopping $70 million!

Onika Tanya Maraj’s singles are the cause of her fame as she has only put out a total of three albums.


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