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This Company is Using Fake Rs. 5000 Notes for Marketing and It’s Brilliant

Most people pick up these notes which look real, until they get a closer look! 

A company in Karachi is promoting itself using fake 5000 rupees notes. How legit is this advertising strategy (and appropriate)?

In advertising, there’s a rule of thumb “the more creative it is, the more attention it will grab.”

Corporations from all around the world spend millions to create catchy adverts, all because they want people to talk and choose them. With the Internet in play, holding on to that attention is harder than ever.

Creative efforts may get attention, but only if they go viral in the first place. And this sort of viral X factor is what companies are hoping to capitalize on when promoting themselves on social media.


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Speaking of viral trends and creativity in advertising, this company in Karachi has come up with a unique way to spread word of its services.

The Earning Academy is a Karachi-based company that teaches people how to earn money through various means. And how did it promote itself? By using Rs 5000 notes littered around the city. With a catch.

So how did this company use fake money to run an ad campaign? (last we checked nothing comes free).

How they did so is hilarious while at the same time their tactics may disappoint you.


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Apparently, the company is using fake Rs. 5,000 notes to advertise itself. The Gulshan-e-Iqbal area in Karachi, is littered with folded Rs. 5,000 notes lying innocently on the road.

The Earning Academy fake 5000 notes
The Earning Academy fake 5000 rupee notes advert

Like any normal person is bound to do, most people pick up these fake notes that look real, till they get a closer look.

“Who doesn’t like picking up a free 5000 note?”

It isn’t until you unfold the note that you suss out the phony. The inner side of these fake notes are printed with advertisement material.

The message splattered inside is ‘want to earn money?’. Well, that’s not why we picked up the money!

Nonetheless, it did get our attention didn’t it? Its equal times infuriating, yet also catchy enough to get noticed. That’s a marketing tactic done right.


The Purpose

Why so dramatic you ask? Well, the co-founder of The Earning Academy Faizan Hashimi says make fun off while creating awareness about ‘shortcuts to earning money‘.

“Well, a lot of people asking the reason behind the ad that has already been gone viral on social media… I would like to convey that the reason behind such design was not only to make fun among all BUT to create awareness among the people who’re always busy in finding Shortcuts to Earn money as well as those who rely their lives on Temporary Earning Schemes.”

the Earning Academy ad
Reason behind the Earning Academy ad

The vision is to fight financial depression and earning shortcut scams. They provide skills and have a community that provides lifetime support (not financial, they teach you to earn on your own).

“I have seen a lot of people investing their time and money in fake and temporary programs and still busy in searching part time earning opportunities here and there. Our business based IT-Training center The Earning Academy Pakistan has a vision to fight against Financial Depression and allow an individual to have a stable career with a permanent Business and Earning solution.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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