This Driver’s Daughter Cleared Her CSS 2019 Exams with Flying Colors

This is such a heartwarming tale.

Here’s something you don’t hear every day. Over at Pakistan, the much anticipated Central Superior Services (CSS 2019) Exams just announced the results. These are the toughest of the tough exams that all potential government servants have to take. Amongst the candidates who cleared this exam was John Kennedy’s daughter.

Now before people start making those tasteless ‘JFK in Pakistan jokes’, this particular family’s achievement is nothing less than an inspirational tale. A Pakistani Christian citizen John Kennedy, who makes his living as a chauffeur/driver, is a proud father today. His daughter Rabil Kennedy clearing the CSS 2019 has taken the Internet by storm.

The tale of a driver’s daughter clearing the very tough CSS exams has given us hope that merit does prevail in this country.


Sindh Govt Insults Christian Community with Job Ad

John Kennedy is a driver for Inland Revenues, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). After clearing her CSS, Rabil Kennedy is set to join the Foreign Services of Pakistan. The FBR was kind enough to congratulate their employee on the success of his daughter.

Word is the young Kennedy did exceptionally well on her CSS Exam.


Given how the family is from a minority community makes this moment of national pride even more savory. When we come across shameful and condemnable adverts listing sanitary jobs for non-Muslims minorities only, moments like these try to make up for that. Baby steps but we’re getting their hopefully.


While a family piling up achievements is great, a child breaking the class barrier thanks to a fair selection process is a heartwarming development in itself. We’ve lost hope of having competent people placed in positions that matter, but its great to see that our system somehow still manages to do something right.


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Netizens are not only raving about Rabil Kennedy’s achievement but see her as an inspiration.

To add to that, the FBR’s kind gesture makes us think, they’re not so bad after all (until the next tax notice that is).

Stories like that of Rabil Kennedy and Zohaib Qureshi mark the real success of CSS Exams, a chance at getting the same opportunities as the privileged class.


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  1. There is a lot of talent in the Christian community if allowed to develop in Pakistan without prejudice. It will definitely help the IMMAGE of Pakistan in the world.

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