This Guy’s Hilarious Take on WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy Goes Viral [Video]

One Pakistani shared a pep talk he thought we needed, but never asked for..

With the WhatsApp new privacy policy plenty of us are concerned about data protection. However, one Pakistani shared a pep talk he thought we needed, but never asked for.

According to this guy since most Pakistani’s aren’t doing anything significant anyway, they don’t need privacy.

“They changed the policy, what’s it to you? Do you have 10 companies? Five accounts in Swiss banks? Are you an agent (spy)? Who are you?”


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The man really played on the public’s heart strings saying;

“You don’t even have hot water, you shower on half-heat! What do you know about privacy? Chill out and just keep using it (the WhatsApp messenger app).”


On the bright said he did say most of y’all are in the clear since WhatsApp does care people sneaking around or creeping around.

“Nothing will happen to you. No one cares about your setting (relationships)”


Meanwhile others with the same opinion really put their point across, in memes.



Humor aside people are legitimately concerned about privacy protection since Facebook was creepy enough.


WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

The messenger app’s new privacy policy will be in effect staring February. This new policy requires users to share their data with Facebook, Facebook products and third parties.

Otherwise, Facebook will not allow you to use WhatsApp anymore if you refuse to share your data with the company.

The social media giant will collected information such as hardware model of your phone, operating system information, battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, phone number, mobile operator, language and time zone, IP address (to narrow down your location even if you refuse access to GPS), device operations information, and identifiers.


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Netizens even pointed out how while Facebook Chief Executive, Mark Zukerberg refused to compromise on his privacy in a Senate hearing, he wants to strip the public of that right.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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