This Pakistani Couple and Their Simple Wedding Goes Viral! [Reactions]

Twitter kicks off a petition for all couples to ‘normalize’ wearing plain shalwar kameez on their wedding.

One Pakistani couple is making headlines for a simple reason. Amid the trend of extravagant weddings, these newlyweds went viral for a simple wedding.

The couple decided to do something ‘extraordinary’ by wearing just plain shalwar kameez for their wedding. Pictures of the intimate affair were shared on social media by photographer, Asad Iqbal.

Soon enough a Twitter user, Amie Syed started the trend ‘Normalize Simple Weddings’


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She called for Netizens to start a petition for all couples to wear plain shalwar kameez on their wedding.


People might just be on board with this petition.


People even cited their own ‘been there, done that’ stories. Looks like quite a few people decided to keep things low-key when they got married.


Well everyone had good things to say but a little humor was due. People joked how the extravagance of a wedding isn’t necessary when you’re good looking. No one asked that we cut back on make-up.


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On a serious note, a simple wedding does call for simple attire. It doesn’t have to be plain shalwar kameez.


However, some people called for people to do what makes them happy. After all, this is a huge industry. Those who can afford it, might as well celebrate their big day based on their budget.


Let’s not reduce this exemplary incident to five minutes of fame. How about take note and try something similar? Let us know if you’re on board with this idea or not? Tell us your wedding story in the comment section.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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