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This Pakistani Girl Launched Her Own Hot Chocolate Business In UK

Her love for desserts and chocolates is making her very successful.

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The biggest thing people living abroad have to deal with is the lack of authentic and wholesome desi food. No matter where you live, if it’s not Pakistan, chances are you will miss out on all the spicy foods and deliciousness.


Maryam Majid’s story is a lot different than all the other desis living abroad. Not only does she cook delicious home-made healthy foods, but she has also started her own hot chocolate business in UK. Similarly, she runs an Instagram blog channel where she shares pictures and recipes of her concoctions.


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Maryam found inspiration for her cooking adventures in her mother, who she recalls cooking delicious foods with seamless effort.

I have had a passion for food since I was very little. I remember sitting on my mum’s worktop and watching her cook and always being so mesmerized.

As a child I remember my dad tearing chapatti into little pieces and mixing it up in the curry and I used to eat it with a fork. To this day it still comforts me as much as it did back then.



She has always posted pictures of her cuisines on her personal social media accounts but decided to go a few steps further.

I was forever uploading my cooking pictures on my personal social media platforms when one day I thought why not make a page dedicated to food? The rest as they say is history.

More than anything, Maryam always had an undeniable sweet tooth. She enjoys desserts more than anything. She became a full-fledged cook at the young age of 11, and used her brothers as judges for her food.

Describing herself as a “chocoholic,” she began experimenting with different combinations of hot chocolates until she found the perfect recipe.

Maryam reviews other restaurants too but tries to maintain a healthy diet. Though it has become quite hard since starting her own hot chocolate business.

I rarely use processed frozen foods or ready-made spices. I always buy the best ingredients my wallet allows me to as I truly believe that you are what you eat.

While commenting on desserts being her favorite type of food and why she will never be a size 10, Maryam Majid said;

The Naked Berry Cake is my favorite because it symbolizes for me exactly how food should be, rustic, down to earth and simple but when you look at it, it makes you say wow!


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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