This Pakistani Illustrator is Highlighting Toxic Marriage Culture in Pakistan [Pictures]

Food for thought.

Pakistani Illustrator

Pakistani Illustrator, Mahnoor Ahmad, has been focusing on opening discussions regarding some toxic norms in desi culture. Her recent work ‘Rishta Series’ represents how toxic and outright offensive certain marriage norms are in our country.


From the color of our skin to our salaries, every aspect of our lives is scrutinized during the process of getting married. A girl can be rejected on the basis of her skin color or for being ‘too‘ independent.

Similarly, a guy can be rejected for not earning enough money, or for being too short. These norms can damage people in unspeakable ways.


Keeping these shallow realities in mind, Mahnoor wanted people to do better. From gender inequality to domestic abuse, she covered topics that need immediate public attention.

Art is so powerful that you can convey even the harshest of realities through it. So i started making art on whatever was happening around me.

About the Artist

Mahnoor Ahmad graduated from Punjab University College of Art and Design, Lahore. She has since been making illustrations that she posts on her Instagram account as well as on YouTube.


Her work has caught the attention of thousands of people, who can relate to her artwork and the stories that they tell.

Mostly it’s positive but again there are some people who will be against any change but its a lesser percentage. I have been supported by women and men of our society and they have discussed their own struggles with me which is so amazing in many ways.


This Pakistani illustrator is breaking barriers in hopes of creating a better, more understanding society.

Her next project will shed light on the toxic beauty standards. What do you think of her work? Let us know in the comments section.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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