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This Pakistani Kid Just Set A New Guinness World Record!

Quite a sharp memory he got there.

Guinness World Record

An 11-year-old Pakistani boy Aima’az Ali Abro set the new Guinness World record for ‘most countries identified from their outline in one minute’. The Karachite set the new record in an international competition.

Last month Aima’az Ali Abro set the record by identifying most countries from their outline in one minute. His achievement is now listed on the Guinness World Record website.

“The most countries identified from their outline in one minute is 57 and was achieved by Aima’az Ali Abro (Pakistan) in Karachi, Pakistan, on 8 October 2019,”


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Guinness World Record
11-year-old Pakistani set a Guinness World Record

About Aima’az Ali Abro

The resident of North Nazimabad identified a total of 58 countries correctly. His last answer though was not within the one-minute time-frame.

The little man still made his country proud. According to The News International, the boy intends to win the Nobel Prize as well. It wasn’t specified in which category.


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Previously a 9-year-old from South Waziristan, Rizwan Mehsud broke the Guinness World Record for the most helicopter spins in 30 seconds.

Guinness, the organization which monitors global records, issued a certificate with Rizwan’s name to acknowledge his feat.

Guinness World Record
Rizwan Mehsud’s World Record for a dance move


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