This Punjab University Professor Believes ‘Only Women Harass Men’

Sad to see a teacher saying such things.

Punjab University professor

We pursue an education in the hopes that it will bring us enlightenment and knowledge. Not only does it help us understand the world around us but it also helps us form an opinion, and treat others better. However, some people, like Punjab University professor Rana Eijaz Ahmad, certainly make us fear for the kind of values that are being taught to his students.

Rana Eijaz Ahmad is among the senior faculty at the university. He is also the head of one of its departments. Recently, one of his posts on social media angered a lot of well-meaning folks.

His research paper aims to diminish the false perception of men as harassers. Let’s take a look at his post before we proceed any further:

Not only does the professor believe that women harass men, but he also says that men CAN’T harass women. Quoting an incident from the Holy Quran, he says he plans on proving that women are the actual [and only] harassers.

Not in in Pakistan usually, but in whole world females harass males including male teachers and students. My thesis and strong argument are that it is only a woman who can harass a man, a man cannot harass a woman.

If that wasn’t dumb enough, he says that he has ‘scientific and logical reasoning‘ behind his argument. Rana Eijaz added:

Historically speaking, Hazrat Yousuf AS’s example is with us. It may be the only example of harassment recorded in the Quran.

Social media reactions

When someone shared his Facebook status on Twitter, it spread like wildfire. And people were extremely disgusted, to say the least.

Let’s take a look at what they have to say:


We can’t believe that we have to even point this out, both men and women are capable of harassment. But to outright deny men’s role in it can prove dangerous for the society.

What the professor said will further instigate the idea that the #MeToo Movement is bogus. That any harassment case against men should be overlooked and that women are not a victim of sexual or physical abuse.

This Punjab University professor’s statements prove that no matter what level of education you receive, basic human decency and common sense rarely come with it. Quite a sad state of affairs to be honest.


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  1. The pseudo professor is a sadist and has record of harassing and mentally torchering students. Any one cN confirm it by visiting the dept of Political Science Punjab university.
    His weird rather psychic thoughts are dangerous.
    In his book “Globalization” which he used to urge students to buy during his classes, he claims that in 25 years United States of America will become a Muslim country and will lead the Muslim ummah 😂. It is a published work(book).
    PS: the professor claims he is a gold medalist from g.c.u and his PhD is from quid e azam university.
    Also he has backed out from what he posted against women by saying that he was actually doing a social experiment.