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This Teenager’s Funny Twist on Pashto Poetry Has Made Him the Darling of Pakistani Social Media

Farman is famous for his poetry in Pashto community around the world

Farman Kaskar, the Latest Pashto Celebrity on Social Media

Many historians believe Pashto to be among one of the most oldest languages on earth, dating back to as far as 800 BC. They believe that it was also the year when custodians of the language started to preserve Pashto poetry in one of its most original forms.

When we speak of Pashto poetry, names of great poets like Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak and Ghani Khan pop into our mind. These giants dedicated much of their lives promoting the message of brotherhood, unity, and peace through their words.

In the 21st century, where social media has become the most dominant medium of sharing information, one 15-year-old boy from Swabi is bringing back Pashto poetry in a fun and wholesome way.


Meet Farman Kashkar

Farman Kaskar, a teenage poet from Swabi’s Tarkai village,  who loves comedy and singing, has got social media chatting. Farman is a singer who employs Pashto poetry in fun and comedic ways, making people laugh.

He shot to fame overnight, by uploading some of his catchy songs on YouTube.

But that wasn’t always the case. He was a ‘nobody’ until January this year. That was when his first video went viral on YouTube and now, he is considered a well-known Pashto celebrity among Pashto-speakers not just in Pakistan, but across the globe in Afghanistan, US, Europe, and the Middle East.

The young boy has now become a household name in Swabi, Mardan, Charsadda and other parts of K-P. He is invited to perform at various events and ceremonies, and whenever Farman performs, people take selfies with him.

Most recently, Kaskar performed at an event at Mardan Abdul Wali Khan University.

Farman Kaskar on his future plans

Kaskar is enjoying this fame and has plans to expand on his unique art in the future.

The 15-year-old Kaskar was recently interviewed with a local daily where he said:

“I know nothing about poetry. I started making comedic poems for catharsis as I have a low-income family background. My father is a daily wager at a factory.”

Kaskar said he started to convert jokes into short comedic poems with his friends. He never thought that ‘this fun exercise’ would turn him into a runaway social media star.


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The young YouTube sensation said he was pleasantly surprised when he received appreciation calls from the Pashto-speaking community living in France, Germany, and the Gulf States.

“I never expected so many people would show me such love and appreciation.”

To a question, Farman said his goal was to make people smile, and he didn’t care about people criticizing his work.

“At least, I don’t copy anybody’s work to get applauded on social media.”

Written by Raza Rizvi


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  1. And you destroyed the actual culture, and classics of pushto poetry. Curse on uneducated men of the time they make fun of the long historical language and literature.
    His fame is the reflection of our narrow minded society, and of stupeds, outside or inside. Shame on.

  2. Farman as a poetry might be in future if he focus in his art, despite everything, he is potential to be a pashto great poet by taking his art solemnly.
    I advise him to study deeply Rehman baba, khushal khan khattak ,khatir and ghani baba to step in this profession and really do somthing for pashto language.
    We now leason and watch him as comedian or for fun bcz his poetry does not need interpretation as the above mentioned poets.
    Today morning while passing by the cobbler was making his parody to another man
    Tha smiled me.
    Wa zaleme oor kho de che rabande bal kho no ka

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