This Trend of Sharing Words People Misunderstood as Kids is Making Our Friday Even Better

Some were brave enough to share embarrassing stories!

We’ve all had those moments as a child when we misunderstood a word or a phrase. Some of us had to find out the hard way what those things meant.

As it happens, Pakistani Twitter came together to tell all about their confusing exchanges and embarrassing memories with these misunderstood words.

While we’re not brave enough to share the embarrassing stories, we did share the words that changed our lives.

A Funny Twitter Trend

It all started with this tweet:

To be honest, I thought getting some ‘health insurance’ meant that you’re always healthy and people without it can’t go to the doctor. Talk about getting the point minus the part where it doesn’t cover all health expenses.

And then we had this:

Imagine trying to meet this ‘Bhai jan‘ in question. Chances of meeting someone that goes by ‘Azer Bhai jan‘ are not that slim.

My first interaction with this exotic name and beverage was as a teenager:

School is confusing in general. We feel you bro:

Whoa, another Urdu related confusion:

Here’s another one:

Remember those Tolet advertising boards? We’ve all thought this right? Right?

Alternative universes, or cow-verse?

Looks like more than one person got this idea:

Its good how these embarassing stories are bringing people together:

Even Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal brought people together:

Here we go again!

How many people thought ‘anonymous’ was some real writer going by this pen name? Or maybe it was just me?

The Magic School Bus television series made this particular dream come true.

Growing up with Winnie the Pooh, some of us wanted a pet grizzly:

Sawaab and Kabaab? We’ve been there:

Another food story.

There it is, an embarrassing childhood story. Salute to these brave men!

Oh, and we’re learning new things as well.


Sometimes, Pakistani Twitter amazes you with great humor. This Twitter trend about misunderstood words definitely restored our faith in humanity’s ability to laugh at themselves. We should do it more often.


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