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This Video of American Dad and Three Kids Dancing for Their Pakistani Mum is Cuteness Overload

If this isn’t love, what is???

This American dance choreographer just posted a video of him and his kids dancing to an Urdu tune, and we are in love with it.

Emmanuel Cross Hurd, the choreographer, posted a video of his family breaking out hip-hop moves to an Urdu song. And he did it all for his Pakistani wife Shazia Hurd, who loves both hip-hop and Urdu music. Coincidence? We think not.

Emmanuel, who also goes by his production name Manny Cross, posted the video on his Instagram.

Sure the song is from Bollywood and not Pakistan, so Manny isn’t technically wrong since both Urdu and Hindi languages share many phrases in common. Its the thought (and the dance moves) that count here.

There’s no doubt that Manny has the beat pat down, and so do his kids! Just look at that one dude right there at the left.

Reactions to Manny Cross dancing to Urdu song
Image Source: BlackPeopleGifs Reddit

We want to be friends with this family too…… Even though that kid just stole hearts.

Image Source: screengrab from BlackPeopleGifs reddit page

Who is this Manny Guy?

Manny Cross is the founder and creator of the dance troupe The Production.

He even performs with his son. The kid’s got killer moves.

To top that he’s a partner at World of Dance. In case you don’t know, World of Dance is a dance competition that features Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo as the judges.

View this post on Instagram

Tune in tonight 9/8c!🔥 #worldofdance

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The show also has a live event that tours across the country. While many competitors get to compete in the televised show, being selected for the live event is a big deal.

Manny gets to headline for the LIVE tour.

All we can say is, Shazia is one lucky Pakistani lady. And those kids are amazing. Wait till these little guys grow up. Good thing their father Manny is a dance choreographer (genetics, we tell ya).

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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