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Travel Blogger Creates Pakistan’s First Tourist Attraction Map

The map represents the beauty of the country in its true spirit.

Tourism is a growing industry in Pakistan. When you need a sense of direction a map always helps. What if we did have a tourist attraction map? A Pakistani travel vlogger, Assam has you covered.

Having five kinds of seasons, six types of beaches, high mountains, lush green valleys, the oldest civilization, heritage, culture, and many other attractions, the country’s tourism industry is vast potential.

In the past years, the tourism sector has not remained the priority of previous governments. However, the incumbent government is taking steps in the right direction.


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To assist the PTI government’s efforts in the promotion of the tourism industry, a local travel blogger has developed a map of Pakistan’s all tourist attractions across the country.

The artist, Assam, has placed more than 70 tourist attractions on Pakistan’s fist tourist attraction map in a way that they pop on their respective localities.

Via: Assam Artist

In his blog, Assam describes his effort as:

“Whenever I visit other countries, the first thing I search for is a Tourist Map. And when I was looking for a Pakistan tourist map, I found nothing helpful or interesting. So I decided to take the initiative, and it took eight consecutive days to create this high-resolution Pakistan Tourist Attraction Map, which represents the overall beauty of Pakistan.”


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His map represents the natural beauty, architecture, and infrastructure of the country.

Interestingly, Assam has also mentioned the similarities between tourist attractions in Pakistan and other countries.

In my personal opinion, the beauty of Pakistan has never been so correctly and effectively presented to the world ever before.

You can check the high-resolution map here: Pakistan First Ever Complete Tourist Attraction Map

Written by Raza Rizvi


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