Trolls Brutally Victimize Saba Qamar Over Her Birthday Outfit

A string of mean comments were posted against Saba Qamar for wearing a seemingly revealing dress

Saba Qamar has always been targeted by online trolls. But this time it has been stretched a bit too far. The Cheekh actress who celebrated her 37th birthday yesterday was brutally victimized for her choice of outfit.

The blue dress became the biggest concern for people on social media as they deemed the dress a threat to religion. It is appalling to see how easy it has become for people to victimize and objectify celebrities every day for their personal choices. Perhaps we can’t see anyone happy!


Saba Qamar Celebrates 37th Birthday In An Exclusive Party [Photos]

Saba Qamar becomes the subject of discussion

A string of mean comments surfaced on the internet when Saba shared some inside snippets of her party. From declaring her a threat to Islam to questioning her morality, trolls left no stone unturned in ripping her repute.

It was sad how even women took this opportunity to target the celebrity. And who is the one to decide what is decent and what is not decent!

The easiest thing to do in Pakistan is to shame women and this reality will not change in a long time.

It seems people feel entitled to post their opinion on celebrities. Unfortunately what they fail to acknowledge is the fact that they have no right over somebody else’s life choices. Women in Pakistan are constantly targeted for their outfits, looks, and behavior. They are not given complete agency over their bodies.

It’s imperative for people that a woman follows the conventions and does not step out of the boundary created by society. It’s high time we evolve and change our mindset!

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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  1. Astagfirullah.. Masoom chehron ki pechy chupi munfqat or behayai.. Allah pak ny in k dilon py qufal lga deay hain.. Apna jism nanga krk pta ni kya dikhana chahti hain ye.. Afsos sad afsos.. Or hm e log Beth k kehty hain ye be haya oratian hmri idle hain.. Hmari fvrt hain.. Lanat

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