Twitter Erupts With Memes As Ronaldo Snubs Coca-Cola

The company reportedly faced billions in losses after Ronaldo promoted drinking water.

Ronaldo - Coca Cola

There’s nothing healthy about fizzy drinks but the companies that sell carbonated beverages have always used celebs particularly sports stars to promote their brand. So when famed footballer Christiano Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola for water, the impact was huge.

The company reportedly faced billions in losses after Ronaldo promoted drinking water.


Coke has blended in so well with the sports culture we often don’t notice how out of place it really is. From sponsoring sporting events and producing ‘world cup albums’ to having sports stars endorse the brand.


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Someone finally pointed out what’s wrong with that.


This seems to be becoming a trend people support.


Now Twitter is going crazy calling out celebs that promote an unhealthy option while leading a healthy lifestyle.


It even turned into some sort of a sports star versus screen-star face-off. Well at least in India, Virat Kholi is a more marketable brand than Bollywood celebs. That says a lot about who’s really influencing people.


People even pointed out how the Coke parent company also sells bottled water. Dasani, SmartWater, Ciel, Aquarius, and Vitaminwater are Coca-Cola products too. So no harm done really.


However, people unpacked the politics behind peddling fizzy drinks.


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As always any viral trend comes with its own set of memes.


Memes or not. People really appreciate Ronaldo for being a responsible influencer. How many celebs use their platform responsibly?


What do you think about Ronaldo’s move? Given the colossal influence, he demonstrated how will this change the market? Let us know in the comments below.


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