Urwa Hocane Calls Out Nadeem Baig For ‘Hurtful’ Remarks

The “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” star felt unnecessarily targeted.

Showbiz star, Urwa Hocane has called out filmmaker Nadeem Baig for his “hurtful and malicious” remarks with a lengthy note on Friday.

Nadeem Baig named Urwa Hocane as one of the most difficult people to work with due her “nakhra” (attitude). The filmmaker was referring to his time on set of 2017’s Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

Urwa Hocane felt unnecessarily targeted and called him out, explaining her side of the story as she penned a long note on social media, detailing her experience from the set.

Urwa shared the note with the caption,

Speaking straight from my heart…

She wrote, “It’s so unfortunate that the formats of our shows are such that each member of the industry has to put the other down for the sake of ratings in the garb of fun. Now that it’s come to this, I would like to elaborate my side of [the] story. Nadeem bhai and I have only done one project together and had one difference [in] opinion about the song “Lak Hilna” where we eventually went with his aesthetics, choice of song and the dance step[s] as I sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion.”

The actress felt that society has become intolerant to differences in opinion, especially when it’s coming from a woman. “Despite being extremely trolled for the song, I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him. I am so hurt [by] how my personality is being misrepresented publicly merely for holding a healthy discussion on set which I believe is [the] basis to team work while in all these years it was never pointed out to me in person.”

Urwa believes that it is her fault for not realizing early on that she was part of a toxic workplace, and that voicing her creative suggestions was frowned upon.

“Today I am wise [enough] to not be at a workplace where I sense regressive and repulsive behavior towards having an idea or input and where one’s voice is impulsively dismissed as a woman’s,” she added. “This may leave one with a few work options in our small industry but I’d rather be my true authentic self as I don’t know another way to be.”

The Neeli Zinda Hai star believes actors already have it “hard enough” being in the public eye and are “prone to unnecessary trolling”. “It’s hurtful and malicious. I really hope this makes everyone understand that these games can actually be harmful for someone’s mental health and well being,” she wrote.

Urwa’s little sister Mawra Hocane understood her struggles as she commented, “I have personally witnessed you go through all of this and more.”

The actress’s husband Farhan Saeed also voiced his support.

Urwa Hocane is a multi-talented model and actress. The 29-year-old has been part of the showbiz industry for quite some time and has become a household name due to her beauty and acting skills.

The Parizaad star transitioned to the big screen in a short span of time. She made her film debut back in the romantic comedy movie Na Maloom Afraad in 2014, after which she was the leading lady in the hit romantic drama Meri Ladli alongside Ahsan Khan and Sajal Aly. She recently released her debut production film, Tich Button, and garnered praise from all around.

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