Shocking: Ushna Shah Accused of Protecting Maha Shah’s ‘Murderers’

Maha’s cousin shares shocking new details.

In a dramatic turn of events, actress Ushna Shah is now on the verge of being canceled for allegedly protecting the culprits behind the mysterious death of Dr. Maha Shah. Previously, the actress had been advocating for the fashion blogger’s case to be brought to justice. She allegedly put the blame for Maha’s death on her parents. However, new details have come to light that show things are not as straightforward as people were led to believe.

From the circumstances surrounding her death to the position of the bullet wound on the back of Dr. Maha Shah’s head, police investigations reveal that something was up. Despite the family not registering formal case at first, the police went ahead and investigated Dr. Maha Shah’s apparent suicide.


Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Drove Dr. Maha Shah to Suicide: Report

When further information and evidence emerged, the victim’s family filed a case naming three suspects. Now Maha’s cousin Kumail Hassan Khan has come forth stating that Ushna Shah is alledgely protecting the culprits behind the Instagram influencer’s murder.

Police discovered that Junaid Khan, who is infamous for his strife with Waqar Zaka, is Maha’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Kumail states that Maha was trying to shake him off but he wouldn’t let her go. Both Junaid and his friend Dr. Irfan Qureshi have been named as in the FIR registered by the fashion blogger’s family.

According to Kumail, Dr. Irfan Qureshi is also a rapist, and Ushna Shah is protecting both Junaid and Irfan. He also stated that Junaid even had Maha’s MLO report tampered with.

He says that Ushna pushed the narrative of the bullet wound at the back of the head as a means of maligning the grieving family. He is of the view that Ushna was protecting her friends at the expense of Maha’s family.


The Truth Comes to Light?

Apparently, a photograph of Ushna Shah and Junaid Khan is what gave it away.


Even in death he built the narrative surrounding her death, pointing fingers at the family.


Ushna Shah Wishes She Was Like Kangana Ranaut

Allegedly, It was Maha’s colleague Dr. Irfan Qureshi whose conduct has been called out. Kumail says that he is a serial rapist, and that he may have contributed to Maha’s suicide.

The family is now demanding a public apology from the Alif Allah Aur Insan actress. The police have also arrested 1 of the three accused.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Ushna Shah was at the center of a controversy. After the public outcry, Ushna has removed her tweets:



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