Ushna Shah Takes a Break From Social Media After Public Outburst Over Leaked Photos

Celebrity wedding etiquette in the spotlight.

Renowned Pakistani TV actress Ushna Shah tied the knot with Hamza Amin in an intimate ceremony on Sunday.

While the wedding was supposed to be a joyous occasion, it quickly turned into a heated argument with AB Lakhani, a fashion blogger and editor of the Fashion Times magazine and Saad Ansari Photography.

Despite the actress’s clear instructions that no photographers or plus ones were allowed at her wedding, AB Lakhani showed up with his wife and photographer with a drone.

When confronted by Ushna’s family, AB Lakhani claimed that it was her call to bring the photographer along, a statement that Ushna vehemently denies.


The actress took to social media to publicly insult and embarrass AB Lakhani and Saad Ansari Photography for violating her big day and making her feel disgusted and humiliated.

This caused a stir on social media, with many people taking sides in the argument.


AB Lakhani tried to clarify his position, stating that he had nothing to do with the situation as he and his brother had mutually separated their nature of business back in 2021, on which many clients, agencies, and celebrities were informed. He also denied that the photographer was with him.

The situation became even more complicated when Movieshoovy, CEO Fahad Lakhani, released an official statement clarifying that Movieshoovy and AB Lakhani were no longer on good terms since 2021.

This disassociation shocked many and raised questions about whether Ushna Shah had done it all wrong.


The Bala actress also reached out to Saad Ansari Photography and told them to expect a court notice and public insult for posting her images without her consent.

The images had gone viral and were posted on lots of portals. The actress even posted pictures of AB Lakhani and the conversation with Saad Ansari on her Instagram story, insulting them and their actions.

She addressed her followers, telling them to unfollow AB Lakhani’s blog and social pages as he doesn’t deserve the fame and respect he has received. Later, Ushna apologized to AB Lakhani, saying ‚ÄúI apologized to AB [Lakhani] only to save him from trolling and I am getting mercilessly bullied‚ÄĚ.

After all the drama, Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account.

The argument has sparked a conversation about wedding etiquette and the importance of respecting the bride and groom’s wishes on their big day.

It also highlights the power of social media and the consequences of posting content without someone’s consent.

Regardless of who is at fault, it is clear that Ushna Shah was deeply hurt by AB Lakhani and Saad Ansari’s actions and she was within her rights to confront him publicly. Hopefully, this argument will serve as a lesson to everyone involved and lead to more respectful behavior in the future.

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