Ushna Shah’s Joke on Lahore Diamond at Royal Coronation Sparks Criticism

Twitterati were not amused by the actress’s tongue-in-cheek remarks

The always outspoken actress Ushna Shah found herself in hot water on Twitter after joking about the Lahore Diamond being worn by Queen Camilla during King Charles III coronation ceremony.

The Habs star questioned whether the diamond would have been protected if it had remained in Pakistan, and jokingly implied that it was for the best that the Royal Family have it their possession, causing a stir on social media.

In response to the criticism, Shah explained that her tweet was meant to be a joke, and that she was making a sardonic remark about the thieves within Pakistan.

Following the coronation ceremony of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey, London on Saturday. Queen Camilla caught everyone’s eye after she was spotted wearing the infamous Lahore Diamond, including Ushna Shah who questioned the safety of the stolen diamonds on Twitter.

She tweeted,

A sad reality in my opinion: Had all the stolen jewels remained in the subcontinent, especially on our side, would they really have remained the property of the state and protected in a museum?

Ushna further added, “At least this way we get to have another reason to wag our fingers at the colonizers whilst getting to see our heritage in all its glory…on TV…on…them.”

The actress also commented on how the political structure in the subcontinent would have been different if it had not been destabilized by colonialism. Shah’s tweet garnered mixed reactions from Twitter users, with some defending her sense of humor, while others accused her of trivializing a sensitive topic.

In response to the criticism, Ushna explained that she was only joking and that she does not justify the stealing of the Lahore Diamond nor does she approve of Queen Camilla wearing it as one of her “crown jewels”.

The Lahore Diamond or Koh-i-Noor has been a topic of contention between India and Pakistan, with both countries laying claim to the jewel. It is currently part of the British Crown Jewels, and has been worn by several British monarchs over the years.

The diamond is believed to be one of the largest in the world, and has a rich history that spans several centuries.

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  1. I agree with Ushna for the reason that if our ‘queens’ can make off with necklaces donated by our foreign friends for the help of poor marooned Pakistanis, how will they spare our own jewelry which they think is their inherited property.