Veena Malik Gets Called Out After Saying that Aurat March Was ‘Humiliating for Women’

Really, Veena? Really?

Veena Malik

Veena Malik is calling the Aurat March ‘humiliating for women’ and people are calling her out for it.

In a showbiz industry that’s supposed to be progressive and open, there is no shortage of hypocrites. Actors like Shaan Shahid recently came out to discredit the march and women rights by saying the movement does not represent ‘the respect our culture has for women.’

Following Shaan’s tweet, it seems Veena also joined in. Veena Malik called the Aurat March humiliating rather than empowering for women.

That’s when people called out the hypocrisy. Like girl! Who are you throwing shade at like ‘the moral police’.


The rest of the people sat Veena down and explained to her what a ‘choice’ is.That’s a fundamental human right we are speaking about here.

They also educated her on the right to live, even if you make questionable choices.

She needs to go back to school before she’s deemed responsible enough to handle a Twitter account.


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Veena Malik should’ve known better to be honest. After all, she is no stranger to controversy herself.


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