Video Featuring Hania and Feroze Together Rekindles Dating Rumors

Just months back, rumors of Feroze and wife Alizey’s separation took over the internet.

Hania and Feroze

Hania Amir and Feroze Khan became one of the most beloved on-screen couples last year. Their performance in Ishqiya impressed fans and followers alike. However, their friendship ended up becoming part of a scandal. Many alleged that Feroze Khan separated from his wife because of his newly found affection for the 24-year-old actress. But nothing has been confirmed yet. Will this throwback video of Hania and Feroze confirm anything? Let’s find out!



What Happened

Last year, rumors of Feroze and Alizey’s separation took over the internet. Many had taken to their respective social media accounts to express their concerns. Netizens had several different theories as to why the couple parted ways.

The most interesting theory was that Hania and Feroze were involved in a love affair. And due to this, his marriage to Alizey only lasted 2 years. Our own sources reported that Alizey had caught him cheating on her.



According to reports, his wife found text messages exchanged by Hania and Feroze. And a few months after Sultan’s birth, she moved back to her parents’ house.


Feroze Khan responds to rumors

In an interview with Something Haute, Feroze Khan finally broke his silence on all the rumors. Speaking to the media outlet, he said:


I think I have never spoken about my family or my family matters. I would like to keep calm and silence on this rumor because it’s my personal matter.


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Further adding that news outlets should only report authentic news received from reliable sources. Feroze Khan said:


Putting a video without knowing anything will get you a few views on YouTube and a little bit of money, why sell someone’s life for that? So I think it makes no sense.



Throwback video ft. Hania and Feroze

Another throwback video featuring Hania and Feroze is making rounds on the internet. In the video, the two of them can be seen involved in friendly banter. Hania Amir can be heard saying she only ‘tickled’ Feroze.

The two of them seem to be having a lot of fun- doing what friends do. However, the footage has once again kindled dating rumors. Before we get into the reactions, let’s take a look at the video:



Are Hania and Feroze dating?

Netizens have once again raised the question of whether or not the two of them are dating. Here’s what everyone is saying:


Hania and Feroze


What do you think of this video featuring Hania and Feroze? Does this confirm all the previous rumors? Or were they enjoying friendly banter? Share your views in the comments section.



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