#ViralWeddings: Sialkot Man Showers Wedding Guests with US Dollar Bills

The video clip went viral on social media.


A man in Sialkot celebrated his wedding ceremony by showering his guests with US dollar notes. And of course, the recordings of the incident created a viral frenzy on social media!

Weddings are a considered a big event in everyone’s life… even for those who remarry multiple times. Each time, it is special. For most of us, it is a big deal, with desires to celebrate it in a grand fashion. One of the most popular trends in ‘desi’ weddings (besides aerial firing) is throwing around money – not just splurging on the event but showering notes over the newly-wedded couple. But this man made it certainly memorable.. as this is one wedding his guests would never forget!


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People usually believe this gratuitous display of wealth as some sort of charity or their ‘grand generosity’. While most people usually prefer throwing away RS. 10 notes, or RS. 500/1000 if they’re feeling ‘really generous’, one man decided to up the ante by using throwing away US dollar bills!

A video from Sialkot went viral which showed a man’s wedding procession being showered with US dollar bills. We’re not sure if they’re $100 bills or just a dollar — probably the latter. Check out the video:

The incident took place outside a marriage hall in Daska area of the city near College Road. The clip went viral on social media as the groom and his friends enthusiastically toss away the money to the people eagerly catching the notes down below.

We hope the ‘dulha’ invited a currency exchange vendor at the event for all those guests. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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