Virat Kohli Makes A Cringe-Worthy Ad and People Are Brutally Trolling Him

We think this tacky ad’s gotta go!

Virat Kohli upset

Virat Kohli just appeared in an anti-acne facewash commercial and its a whole new level of tacky.

While Pakistani artists are embracing their acne after Hania Amir came forth, India needs to do better.

Acne is natural and cleaning your skin properly can help. However, this Himalaya Men’s ad featuring Virat Kohli is the wrong way to go about preaching that.

Lets take a look at this absolutely epic fail of a commercial:

Yes ‘Pimples Gotta Go’ …… but this tacky ad’s gotta go too!

The jingle lacks rhythm and melody. Even the lyrics are tacky. The focus on style over healthy skin is wrong. Its no rocket science that all these elements are making people swear off the ad.

Some people are going as far as to call this the worse thing they’ve seen today!


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Some fans questioned Virat’s judgement….how did he sign up for this?

It’s really something when even Fox Sports starts trolling you!

Is that shade at the brand or the brand ambassadors?

Uh-ohh is that subtly projected ‘Gora complex’ !?

We expected better from Virat Kohli here.


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