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Was Rubina Ashraf Right About Increasing Daughter’s Screen Time in Ruswai? [Video]

Do you agree with her?

Rubina Ashraf - Ruswai

Rubina Ashraf has come out defending the decision of shifting the focus of the storyline in Ruswai from Sameera to Warda. It wasn’t until the last episode that Sameera’s story was quickly wrapped up.

When Ruswai was first aired, audiences assumed the drama would raise awareness about the taboo topic of gang rape.

The initial few episodes covered the harrowing crime and the ensuing family fallout. That didn’t last though, as soon the focus shifted to Warda (Minna Tariq) and Hamza’s (Osama bin Tahir) marriage.


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Soon enough we were looking at a story focused on ‘watta satta’ (marriage arrangement where two women from two families are married to each other’s brothers). The director Rubina Ashraf was accused by certain quarters of shifting the focus from Sameera to Warda, just so she could give her daughter more screentime.

She said these claims surfaced when her daughter Minna emerged as a prominent character over the course of just two episodes. She says that these complaints are biased and a conspiracy against her, and nothing to do with general public opinion.

“This controversy started after those two episodes after which Minna’s work actually became prominent; first in which she left the baby in the bathtub, second when Hamza was in the hospital.”

Rubina Ashraf said her daughter didn’t have many scenes to assert her talent.

“Minna did not have many scenes as such to prove her mettle except those two scenes. These are the two scenes in which Minna did not let down me and the production house after which the debate started which is a strange thing.”

She even went on to say that ‘journalists who are criticizing her are doing yellow journalism. The actress-cum-director asserts she was just following the script and only extended things that were important.

“Rubina Asharaf has some reputation; she is outspoken, never tells lies, she is upfront, no one can say her something wrong. I just want to clarify it, its the matter of my integrity now. I just want to say that whatever Rubina did was written in the script as it is. Those people who raised this issue should be ashamed.”

Any Merit to these complaints?

Besides shifting the focus away from the central story, with Sameera’s track was being sidelined, there were plenty of other decisions that didn’t appeal to audiences. The scene with Sameera’s father ‘letting her go‘ comes to mind.


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At least we had Sana Javed’s acting to get us through this. When Sana Javed was asked about playing the difficult character on-screen, the Khaani actress said she’s happy with her characterization.

“I am satisfied with my character.”

As for the way the story turned out, she asserted that wasn’t her job, that was the director’s decision.

“Its the duty of director, that what is their vision and how they carry the story and how to evolve the story, edit it and how to increase any character’s treatment.”

We look forward to seeing the actress in her next project opposite Bilal Abbas.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Warda proves to be her mother’s daughter in the play “Ruswai”: extremely selfish and possessive, protecting her own life interests, without caring for what she and her family did to Sameera. She exploits Baby’s presence to its fullest for black mailing her in-laws and husband to take her back, she keeps playing with words, just like her mother, without “jani” though.

    • Unfortunately Minna Tariq has no talent. Whenever she would cry, it sounded like she had a cold. It got to the point where whenever I would hear her cry, I would fast forward because I couldn’t stand it. She had no proper dialogue delivery. I think she sucks quite frankly

  2. The drama fade away/was get boring/out of intrest when warda irelevent long long seen were impose on viwers. All the drama ends epesode were not good because of warda long screen taken short and dialoge and the were totally rubish.boring

  3. Yes, RA dragged her daughter’s irrelevant story. Ruswai should revolve around the social issue but instead she made it a soap. Dr feroze’s character should be highlighted more as he was the one supported sameera alot as compared to her brother and husband. She messed up sameera’s story just to give extra screen time to her daughter.

  4. Yea i agree. Sameera’s character should have been the focus throughout. Not the director’s kid. But in such situations the lines cross. The mother in the director comes out. I am indeed disappointed. The drama started well but i didnt like it later.

  5. Last episode was wrapped up haphazardly didn’t get the right treatment.and warda s boring selfish issue was dragged unnecessarily.tje director was biased and unjist to her own project.

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