Wasim Akram Reveals Every Cricketer’s Secret on ‘Time Out With Ahsan Khan’ [Video]

The former cricketer appeared on the show alongside Moin Khan.

Wasim Akram

Former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram recently appeared on the show Time Out With Ahsan Khan. He was accompanied by the Pakistani cricket coach and former cricketer, Moin Khan. During the interview, the two cricket stars revealed every cricketer’s shocking secret.

Ahsan Khan’s show on YouTube has been doing really well. Currently, he has more than 53 thousand subscribers on his channel. The 39-year-old has hosted various guests from different walks of life. However given the recent PSL craze, he invited Wasim Akram and Moin Khan as his guests.

Wasim Akram and Shaniera

Wasim Akram shared how Shaniera has changed his life. Talking about his now talkative personality, he said:


I have become very talkative over the years and this has to do with my wife Shaniera, she talks a lot. Shaniera is so full of energy that at times when I feel like relaxing, I end up spending time with her and in turn, talking more than usual to match her pace and vibe.


Wasim Akram


He also added that being in the limelight might be challenging, but he wants to pay back to the people who supported him during his cricket days.


We have earned our reputation by winning the cricket World Cup. So if I am running an academy today or creating new platforms for youngsters it is just my way of giving back to the country.


Every cricketer is in it for one thing…

During their conversation, Moin Khan reminisced over their past. Naming two cricketers – including Wasim Akram, he said they performed better in front of the ladies.


We used to say if you wanted Waqar or Wasim to bowl better and faster, then place two women near the screens and they’ll naturally start performing better.


Moin Khan


To this, Wasim Akram added that every cricketer has, at least once, thought of being surrounded by women.


If any cricketer claims that he has never thought about being surrounded by women on the field, believe me, that’s an obvious lie.


Wasim then proceeded to poke fun at cricketers who played the third man or fine leg position. He said:


There were two reasons why anyone wanted the third man or fine leg position in Sharjah, first there was a shade there and second, there were women.


Watch the full interview here:



Via Tribune


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