Watch: Russian Reporter’s Hilarious Reaction To Stray Dog’s Attack

Russian reporter’s video went viral after she was attacked by a dog in the middle of a bulletin

Have you ever had a weird experience when you’re on the field? Well, whether you have or haven’t, you will really enjoy watching the reaction of this Russian reporter who got interrupted by a roadside dog during the live transmission. The anchorperson named, Nadezda Serezhkina, was reporting for a Russian news channel, Mir TV.


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“Hello Ellina,” the reporter was saying in the shot. A video of the incident was shared on social media by a journalist and has been going viral ever since. The meme game started as soon as the video surfaced on the internet.

Priceless reaction of the Russian reporter

What was even funnier was the reaction of the reporter. She was dumbfounded after the stray dog attacked her and took away her microphone. But she did not give up and ran after the dog with all her might. She was determined to take her mic back. We think she might have even scared the dog a bit. A confused host Dashkueva ended up telling viewers that the connection was abruptly lost.

Although this is not the first time a news reporter has been attacked by a stray animal but the reaction of this anchor is surely very unique. We certainly can’t remember the last time someone ran after the animal with such energy.

Here’s the complete video

Let us know what do you think about the anchor’s reaction.

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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