Web Series “Shameless Proposals” Takes on Arranged Marriages

Another web series, another social issue.


Haseeb Hassan and now Sadia Jabbar take on arranged marriages in their new web series Shameless Proposals. The trailer is out and it’s interesting.


The web series floodgates have really opened up in Pakistan. After Mehwish Hayat’s¬†Enaaya we’ve seen a wave of new web series. These series tackle subjects too raw and real for television. That’s what Shameless Proposals intends to do as well.


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First Impressions

Based on the trailer, we know that Sajjad Gul wrote the story. The man behind works like Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay, Sanata, etc.

The director Haroon took a comedic frame to portray the issue.

The trailer’s narration sounds empowering to women but then again. looks can be deceiving. The trailer shows a young woman attempting to impress potential suitors with her domestic skills.

The young lady seems to be saying exactly what her potential beaus would want to hear. The shoots were cringe-worthy (good job on making it soo real).


Unfortunately, that’s is the dominant social mindset. Shameless Proposals will explore¬†seven different general stereotypes of proposals in a standard arranged marriage (we’re guessing one involves getting married to a cousin).


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The Seven Suitors

By following these seven suitors, the series will explain what’s wrong with some type of rishtas. Through critique of prevalent¬†rishta¬†hunting practices, the series will then move onto these practices’ incompatibility in modern society.

We’ve got plenty of cheeky humor here.


Shameless Proposals

Sadia Jabbar stated her motivation to make this series was to highlight the objectification of women in the arranged marriage culture.

‚ÄúThe theme of¬†Shameless Proposals¬†is to deal with the objectification women in a¬†desi¬†society by presenting them as products when a proposal is considered for an arranged marriage. The web series also sheds light on how parents would agree to almost every condition by the boy‚Äôs family in order to ‚Äėaccept‚Äô their daughter.‚ÄĚ


Shameless Proposals premiere is scheduled for March 29.