‘What are You Contributing?’: Vaneeza Ahmed Takes a Dig at Ayeza Khan [Video]

The former model believes there’s nothing interesting on Ayeza Khan’s Instagram to justify her 12 million followers.

Former model and actress Vaneeza Ahmed just took a jab at Ayeza Khan and her ability to garner 12 million followers on Instagram.

The Jinnah actress questioned the younger actress’s popularity based on how she only posts vanity pictures of herself and remarked: “So what if you have 12 million followers?”

“What are you contributing?” she added.

Vaneeza Ahmed was recently on the popular talk show G Sarkar with host Nauman Ejaz. She was asked if she is on social media and responded that she barely uses Instagram but her niece manages her account. She states that it is pointless exercise to take selfies all the time.

On that note, she told the host that she had come across the account of a Pakistani actress who has the most followers in Pakistan. Vaneeza couldn’t recall Ayeza’s name until Nauman Ejaz mentioned it and the former model expressed disappointment with why the Chupke Chupke star has 12 million followers when all she does is post pictures of herself and her extravagant lifestyle.

Check out the interview here:

Ayeza Khan is a very popular showbiz figure and is best for her performances in the hit drama serials Mere Pass Tum HoChupke Chupke, and Laapata.

Vaneeza Ahmed, also known as Vinnie, is a renowned model, actress, and occasional singer. She is a face for many brands and is the first Pakistani to work for Donna Karan and Calvin Klein.

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  1. She is a decent actress and contributing woman empowerment. How a woman can work and manages family. I think Ayeza Khan is the best example of hard work.

  2. No I do not agree with vaneeza remarks towards ayeza khan.but rather jealousy is seen in vaneeza remarks.she is jealous from ayeza khan.

  3. What i say? She is jealous with Ayeza khan. I truly respect Ayeza khan. She is the one of actress who does not do bold dressing not only dramas also on Instagram. Today time only a small tiktokers do bold and ridiculous dressing with time waste acting talent with song lipsing.

  4. Waao i and lot of other people agree why she posting personal life and self exposing brithday aniversry abroad visit what a rubish non sense why they expose all these why not also share bedroom scene as wife husband…… mjy tu zehr lagti hy ye es trah ky kam my aur acting bhi koi achi nahi ngr es pakistan my jis ny social media ko khush rakhty hy us ko aagy brhaty hy…. ye hira mani
    saboor ali, fatima afandi, minal, ahsan aiman, muneeb aur buhut se jo apny bacho.ki birthday maree ky visit ye log q daily logo ky ernotion se khelty hy… kiya milta.hy en behooda logo ko srif apny followers brhany ky liye lanat ho aisi sub actres ko…..