What Was Nida Yasir Thinking By Inviting Marwah’s Parents on Her Show? [Video]

An innocent child died, and one channel just needs TRPs?

Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan has been a part of controversies numerous times. But this time, she has crossed the limits of indecency and shallowness by inviting Marwah’s family on the show.

For those who are unaware, five-year-old Marwah was found dead in a garbage heap on September 6. She was kidnapped on the morning of September 4, was raped and brutally assaulted before being stuffed inside a bag near her residence.

The incident reminded Pakistanis of Zainab, whose body was discovered in a similar manner in Kasur in 2018.

The whole country was left heartbroken and enraged once again and after police investigations, it was discovered that her neighbor abducted her.


Nida Yasir’s ‘Insensitive’ Interview With Marwah’s Family

While the nation was demanding justice for the five-year-old, Nida Yasir decided to invite her father and grandparents on her show. It had only been 10 days since Marwah passed away, but someone thought it was a good idea to make this poor family revisit their agony, all for the sake of ratings.

The Good Morning Pakistan host not only invited them on the show but asked them to narrate the incident over and over again to sell their pain on television.

Trigger warning: This is what happened during Nida’s show.



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This clip is a part of the one and a half hour-long episode titled “A Cute Little Girl Marwah’s Saddest Story.”

Too much?

We’re not sure why ARY Digital and Nida Yasir thought it was a good idea to invite family members of a rape victim so soon.

The episode is made more terrible with a sad, tragic tune playing in the background for the entire episode.

The host of the show seemed so ignorant yet insensitive for asking questions like:

  • “Was her face recognizable when you found her in the dump?”
  • “How did you know she was raped?”

Netizens Call for a Ban on Nida Yasir

These and many other pointless and stupid questions were asked from Marwah’s father over and over again. When she asked him to narrate the incident again, Marwah’s grandma can visibly be seen in pain and distress. She didn’t want to listen to it and revisit the tragic incident, but Nida was adamant to ask them nonetheless.

Our question is, are good TRPs that important? Many people think this whole episode was unethical, insensitive, and completely inhumane.

Social media is on fire and they demand PEMRA to ban her program once and for all.

This is not the first time Nida Yasir has been completely tone-deaf on her show. But by torturing Marwah’s parents and family members, questions need to be asked.


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