Will Shafqat Mahmood be a Dear and #CancelCIEExams2021? [Memes]

Of course this triggered another meme fest.


After reopening schools and educational institutes in late February, the Ministry of Education had to close down all educational institutes in March once again. Now students are asking Shafqat Mahmood to be a dear and cancel Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The hashtag #CancelCIEExams2021 has taken social media by storm.

The move was sparked by the peak in COVID-19 cases, following the third wave of the deadly virus. Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood announced students will have to sit out the fresh wave of Coronavirus cases at home.


Students Troll Shafqat Mahmood for Announcing Closure of Schools in Punjab

Now ‘#cancelcieexams2021’ is trending on Pakistani Twitter. How many of you are wondering if things are getting out of hand? The pressure is definitely mounting on ‘Shafqat Jani’. Of course this was cause for another meme fest.



Sharing laughs in a meme fest aside ‘#cancelcieexams2021’ also generated some valid arguments.  Netizens came forth with valid concerns regarding why they feel the exams should be cancelled amid the ongoing pandemic.

Student pointed out that they haven’t been able to take proper classes due to the closure of school for almost all of last year amid the lockdown, and even now.

Students assert that when exams have been cancelled in other countries in favour of predicted grades, then why won’t Pakistan adopt a similar policy?



Others slammed the Education Minister for putting the lives of young people are risk amid an ongoing pandemic.



Karma or Corona: Punjab Education Minister Contracts COVID, Gets Trolled by Students


However, realistically some Twitterati pointed out Shafqat Mahmood just might lose his patience with all the memes. So he might not be a dear after all.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

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