Woman Starts Petition Against Cornetto’s Chocolate Tips [Reactions]

One woman is taking her dislike for Cornetto’s chocolate tips to a whole other level.

Nothing says classic dessert like Walls’ Cornetto cones. While many of us feel the chocolate tip is the best, one woman is taking her dislike for Cornetto’s chocolate tips to a whole other level.

One Twitter user started a petition online to remove the ‘block of chocolate at the bottom‘. She asked other Twitterati to join her.


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The chocolate at the end of Cornetto cones is actually there to prevent the ice cream from leaking through. That’s why even certain cones that don’t have a chocolate tip have white chocolate or another filler to prevent the ice cream from seeping through.


Plenty of people stood up for Cornetto’s chocolate tips. People weren’t expecting such a petition. To say they were taken aback is an understatement. Many asserted ‘that’s the best part’.


Netizens didn’t hold back sharing how upset they were.


Some even joked about cancelling the Twitter user for her petition. Is that as harsh as cancelling the ‘block of chocolate’ at the end of Cornetto cones?


Then there was a fraction of the population that was actually onboard with this idea. Yes there are more people out there that are against the delicious block of chocolate at the bottom of each Cornetto cone.


We all love eating ice creams and Cornetto’s cones hold a special place in our hearts. What do you think of this ‘suggestion’ to get rid of the chocolate tips? Did this make you upset? Let us know in the comments below.


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