World’s Largest Freestanding Aquarium in Berlin Hotel Explodes

Sea creatures should never be kept on land.

A massive aquarium in Radisson Hotel in Berlin burst early on Friday at the AquaDom — a tourist attraction in the heart of Berlin.

The aquarium, which Sea Life Berlin claims is the largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium in the world at a height of 14 meters, ruptured, spilling debris, water, and more than a thousand tropical fish.

At least 100 emergency personnel rushed to the scene a couple of minutes later.

Naz Masraff a guest who had been staying at the hotel remarked, “It felt like an earthquake”.

Another hotel guest, Sandra Weeser, said, “The whole aquarium burst, and what’s left is total devastation. Lots of dead fish, debris”.

According to a representative for the Union Investment which oversees the real estate fund that owns the property, the 1,500 fish from the aquarium perished. He added that all the other fish are being rescued from a number of smaller tanks that were close to the AquaDom and had avoided damage but they had experienced power outages inside the structure.

Investigators are trying to figure out precisely what caused the world’s largest freestanding aquarium to burst. Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to consider not keeping sea creatures in aquariums, which are not their natural habitats, for several disturbing reasons.