Yasir Hussain Fat Shames Saheefa Jabbar in Response to Joke

Oops, he did it again!

Yasir Hussain

After Yasir Hussain apologized to Hania Amir for making fun of her acne, we thought he’s become better. Then he fat-shamed Saheefa Jabbar and now we think we spoke too soon.

We all know that Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Yasir Hussain are one set of best buddies from the biz. The two are often seen hanging out together.



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Much like Yasir and his best friend Asad Siddiqui are often goofing around, Saheefa Jabbar and the Naachh Na Jaanay actor also crack jokes. Particularly on social media.

Lately, Yasir didn’t take to well to a recent joke of the Beti actress on Instagram. Recently, Yasir fat-shamed Saheefa Jabbar. Now the Internet can’t stop talking about it.

Yasir Hussain
Yasir Hussain fat-shams Saheefa Jabbar over Insta-story

The Bhool actress shared Yasir’s picture with Iqra Aziz as in Insta-story with the caption:


“Apkay bag ka wazun bhee tu thora sa barha ha bhai (your bag has gotten heavier).”



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To which the Aftermoon Show host responded with:

“Jee aur mai ne picture mai dekha app k mu ka wazan bhi barha hai, Wapis any de mujhe zara (Yes, I’ve seen that your face has gotten heavier in pictures. Let me head back).”


People are taken aback by Yasir fat-shaming Saheefa Jabbar for a joke. While Saheefa Jabbar’s joke was tasteful and in good humor, Yasir just made a jibe at the Choti Choti Batain starlet.

The Karachi Se Lahore probably thinks his joke was funny, but no one’s laughing.

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