Yasir Hussain Has Found Saheefa Jabbar’s Doppelgänger In Squid Game

Can Saheefa be a possible casting choice for a desi version of Squid Game?

Actor Yasir Hussain compares supermodel Saheefa Jabbar with the Korean actress Ho Yoen Jung from the Netflix series Squid Game. The actor thinks he’s found the Bhool actress’s doppelgänger.

Yasir Hussain is a famous screenwriter and actor. He is known for playing the antagonist in the drama serial Baandi in 2018. He tied the knot with the superstar of the Pakistan showbiz industry Iqra Aziz in 2019.

Actor and comic Yasir Hussain is not new to controversies. He is always in the spotlight due to his comments and jokes on fellow actors, sometimes even sensitive issues. After which he apologizes on social media, but it seems that Yasir Hussain has no qualms about being outspoken.



Recently, Yasir Hussain compares Saheefa with Korean starlet Ho Yeon Jung of Squid Game fame. He took to his social media account to post a picture of Ho Yeon Jung, tagging Saheefa Jabbar with the caption: “Loved your acting in Squid Game.”

Not one to stay quiet, the Log Kya Kahenge star plays along with Yasir’s assertions in a fun way.

“Thanks mate. I really put my sweat and blood in this project.”

Squid Game shattered all previous records by becoming Netflix’s biggest show. Still reigning high in popularity, the blockbuster series is a South Korean drama that shows people indebted to play a deadly game to win a hefty cash prize.

What do you think about Yasir Hussain’s comparison of Saheefa Jabbar Khattak with Korea’s Ho Yeon Jung, do we have another doppelgänger? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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