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Youngster’s TikTok Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong While Jumping Off A Moving Train

He almost got killed.

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TikTok nearly claims another life as a young boy in India luckily escaped from being crushed under a moving train.

Like some people who use the popular social media app, the ‘not-so-bright’ youngster was filming a video while jumping off the train.

One of the passengers recorded the video of the failed stunt and near-death scene. The video showed a boy trying to disembark a moving train while shooting a TikTok video but loses his balance. If it wasn’t for dumb luck, this man would’ve almost got crushed under the train.

He luckily survived the fall from the train and moved away from the tracks.


Another Boy Shot Dead While Making TikTok Video

Following the incident on Tuesday, the Indian Railways took to Twitter, and issued an advisory against boarding and deboarding a moving train.

It read that the boy was lucky enough to survive the fall this time but cannot claim to be lucky for a second time around. The tweet asked people to avoid such stunts by themselves and stop others from doing something this stupid and dangerous. The account further added that life is invaluable which should not be endangered for a stunt.

As we all know, this is not the first time that youngsters have risked their lives by attempting dumb stunts all for the sake of getting views and likes on the popular social media app. Even though celebrities like Fahad Mustafa warning parents about the danger of TikTok seemed funny, it has to be noted that there is some truth to the warning.

What do you think should be a preventive measure to ensure youngsters to not attempt these dangerous stunts ever again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Written by Sher Alam


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