Zhalay Sarhadi Says Hiring Esra Bilgic is ‘A Slap On Our Faces’ [Video]

Here’s what she said.

Esra Bilgic

There’s no doubt that Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has a growing fan base in Pakistan. The Ertugrul actress’ character, Halima Sultan has become a household name in the country and the people want to see more of her.

Of course, social media is a place where fans can connect with their faves, but now Pakistani brands are also making an effort to bring these Turkish stars and their fans closer through partnership and endorsements.

Recently, Esra Bilgic was appointed as a brand ambassador for QMobile and the campaign went really well. People loved the commercial, and some were even willing to buy a QMobile over iPhone just because of their favorite celeb (we think).


Zhalay Sarhadi Thinks Hiring Esra Bilgic is a Slap for Us

But, where the general public was very supportive of it, a few Pakistani celebrities objected QMobile’s decision to hire her as their brand ambassador. According to them, Pakistani celebrities should be given a chance to promote local brands as it will generate money within the country.

We all heard what Yasir Hussain had to say on this, but now Pakistani model Zhalay Sarhadi has also expressed her sentiments over foreign actors working for Pakistani brands.


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In a recent interview, she spoke against Esra Bilgic being hired for a Pakistani mobile brand.

“We have short term gains. If you have chosen Halima and made her a brand ambassador over here, its a slap to our faces. It’s an actual slap to our faces. Why are you borrowing a star from another country?”

Supporting Yasir Hussain, she said,

“Why don’t you create anything over here? Why are people afraid to create in this country? So I totally support Yasir Hussain in the debate.”

Talking about Esra Bilgic, Zhalay said she is amazing and nobody is trying to take her stardom away from her.



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Written by Munazza Mehmood

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  1. These Pakistani models have no issue when Indian actors actresses perform in Pakistani commercials but they have jealous with Turkish media. I think we must learn from the Turkish capabilities of media production.

  2. Ok it was definitely ok when Priyanka Chopra was brand ambassador of QMobile Link series? Seriously you guys are all over your heads. Are you jealous kids or what????

  3. Our pakistani actresses and actors both are jealous of Turkish actors and actresses do u call this a brotherhood or i shall say neighborhood u can’t even get our neighborhood within us and also I am pakistani I would have support pakistan but no u all are wrong and look Turkish actress and actors have been an great inspiration for us in pakistani dramas what is it rona dhona or shaadi and talak or nonsense like pyar Kay sadqay or SaaS baho what is it like what the heck is it.. Its my foot I don’t even spit on these sort of dramas and what u didn’t have an issue when there was Indian u all were happy and now wow u are PATHETIC

  4. Jab QMobile ne Indian actresses ko brand ambassador banaya tab tu slap nahi para in k faces per ab Kiya q takleef ho rahi hai Indian k talway chatnay wale Hain yeh log aur kuch nahi

  5. Kareena Kapoor jb qmobile k ads mein atti thi jb inkay mouh pay slap nae paraa…… Bs Pakistani dramas ka content iska chakkar ussay…. Uska chakkar issay….. Such a loozers you guys

  6. Just shut up.
    Slice ft. Katrina Kaif
    Magnum ft. Kareena Kapoor
    Qmobile ft. Arjun Kapoor
    Gai Banaspati ft. Juhi Chawla
    Jazz Mobilink ft. Nargis Fakhri
    Yeh pakistani thin ?
    Shame on u yasir and zhalay

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