Zara Noor Abbas Defends Shahroze Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal

Here’s what happened.

Zara Noor Abbas - Shahroze Sabzwari - Sadaf Kanwal

Actress Zara Noor Abbas is trying to figure out how people have time to indulge in gossip amidst this quarantine. The actress slammed haters while defending her friends Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari, given the rumors of them behind Syra’s decision to part ways with Shahroze.

Perhaps the Khamooshi actress is not privy to the free time everyone has on hand. Because people are cooped up at home these days, they have more idle time to gossip about. This scenario partially explains the backlash that Sadaf Kanwal faced recently.

Here’s what happened. Sadaf commented on Shahroze Sabzwari’s birthday post for his mother.

The Hasad actor wished his mother Safina Behroze on her birthday yesterday. Naturally many of Shehroze’s fans and other celebs wished Behroze Sabzwari’s wife a happy birthday. But when Sadaf Kanwal called Safina ‘mama’ in her birthday wish, and netizens lost their cool.


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The model was bashed as she was already rumored to be the reason behind Shahroze and Syra Yousaf’s split. At the time the Dilruba actor had stated that he had only met Sadaf at the International Pakistan Prestige Awards (IPPA 2019) in Oslo, Norway.

Zara Noor Abbas - Shahroze Sabzwari - Sadaf Kanwal
Sadaf Kanwal calls Safina Behroze ‘mama’ in her birthday wish


So trolls really dragged out the model assuming that there’s something between Sadaf and Shahroze. That’s when Zara Noor Abbas reiterated what Shahroze had previously said about not jumping to conclusions.

The Chhalawa actress blasted the public and media saying they wasted their time turning a certain comment into national news. She stated that the quarantine hasn’t done much for inner demons.

“Surprised to know we are all locked in Quarantine but guess didn’t lock our inner demons.”

Of course, Netizens clapped back, keeping the heat on Sadaf Kanwal.

They questioned why Sadaf Kanwal deleted the comment following the backlash if it was no big deal. The lack of clarity from Sadaf didn’t help the situation.



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Others assumed it was just for attention.

Some Netizens even added that’s just the price you pay for being a celebrity, as any public comment could become national news.

Even those that agreed with Zara Noor Abbas pointed out how the actress tweeting about the comment made it an even bigger deal.

So what do you think? Was Sadaf Kanwal at fault here? Is Zara Noor Abbas right about people keeping their opinions to themselves?

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Well if Sadaf do not want her relationship to be public she should have called Sfeena and wished her in what ever way she liked she deliberately post it then remove the comment wooo way to go Sadaf.
    Well Zara if people have time to gossip U have time to reply… ?

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