Shahroze Sabzwari Opens Up About His Separation With Wife Syra [Video]

The actor has addressed the issue.

Shahroze and Syra

Pakistani media outlets and social media platforms are filled with news bytes regarding Shahroze and Syra’s separation. While some people reacted maturely to the situation, others went on to spread rumors about their relationship.

Disappointed by the public’s response, Shahroze used his Instagram handle to address the issue and clear out misunderstandings.

Shahroze addresses the rumors

“The purpose behind making this video is to address people who are degrading my family, especially Syra,” Shahroze said at the beginning of the video.

Shahroze expressed his discontent and went on to talk about his family and Syra. The actor also talked about Sadaf Kanwal, and says that she is being dragged for no reason. “As a human, it is my duty to defend someone’s honor,” he asserted.

“Anything which is between me and Syra is our personal matter and Syra is my wife. We are separated but not divorced. I have been seeing a lot of articles and publications claiming that we are not together anymore and that we have ended our relationship without even confirming the news. The second thing that’s really bothering me is that they are writing stuff like ‘they have ended their relationship because of a girl – Sadaf.” Shahroze added.

“People started spreading rumors that we are separating because of Sadaf and became the jury and the judge of the matter themselves. Without even confirming the news, or asking me or Syra about it, they started dragging an innocent person,” Sharoze expressed his frustation.


Behroz Sabzwari Clears the Air on Syra and Shahroz Divorce Rumors

He asserted his stance

Shahroze then went on to talk about the issue and explained the difference between separation and divorce.

“Six months ago, my wife Syra and I decided to take a break and give space to each other because our ideologies didn’t match. This is what separation is. After giving space, a man and woman decide whether they can live together or not. The bigger decision is taken later and whatever that may be, you will all know about it when the time comes.”

Shahroz further added,

“Syra is my wife and my honor. I don’t want anyone to talk negatively about her or Sadaf. Sadaf and I started working a month ago and Syra and I have been separated for six months. Just because we worked together, it doesn’t mean we are in a relationship or that it has caused a split between me and Syra.”

Shahroze concluded the video by asking everyone to apologize and requested people not to interpret it in a wrong way.

Here’s the full video:


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