Zindagi Tamasha Trailer Taken Down From YouTube

Is the film being re-evaluated by the censor board?

Most of us were really looking forward to the renowned director Sarmad Khoosat’s ‘Zindagi Tamasha‘. Looks like we might have to hold that thought as the film’s trailer has been taken down from YouTube.

Zindagi Tamasha
Ali Kureshi as ‘Danish’ in Zindagi Tamasha

The exact reason is not known and filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat hasn’t issued a statement yet. With Zindagi Tamasha‘s release date rapidly approaching. Can we even hope for a timely release?

The film was set to hit theaters on January 24th in Pakistan


Sarmad Khoosat’s “Zindagi Tamasha” Will Leave You Wanting More [Video]

Zindagi Tamasha’s trailer was launched on September 30th. Sarmad Khoosat even brought home the ‘Kim Ji-Seok Award‘ when the film premiered at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival.

What could have caused this sudden move? There is speculation surrounding the circumstances under which the trailer was taken down.

According to Entertainment.pk, the film has been recalled by the censor board and therefore the film’s trailer has been taken off. They also reported that Sarmad Khoosat would make an announcement in this regard on January 5th.


Like the rest of us the outlet also assumed that the film’s release would now be delayed.


Sarmad Khoosat’s Film “Zindagi Tamasha” Is Cleared For Release

The movie follows the story of a famed ‘Naat-Khawan‘ who is wrongfully accused of blasphemy.

Zindagi Tamasha
Man threatens the main character with a false accusation of blasphemy

Could addressing this social issue be the reason behind the film being re-evaluated by the censor board?

On the other hand, Sarmad Khoosat is busy with his film Kamli.

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