By Raheel Afzal

Taher Shah (Eye to Eye fame) is again in the news with the hit song “Angel”. His latest song got 2 million hits on Youtube in the first 48 hours of its release and it seems to be a record for any Pakistani singer (leave the dislike count alone). If you are a struggling entrepreneur and have wasted a lot of money and time on ideas that didn’t work, learn a lesson from Taher Shah.

Screw Criticism, Stay Firm On Your Work

Both of Taher’s songs went viral on social media, all the while audiences criticized him by launching explainer videos, sarcastic tweets, and funny posts. However, Taher didn’t show any anger or frustration and didn’t lose his mind at any point. On the contrary, he said that he sang both songs to express his own feelings and thinking and for his own satisfaction.

So, just do whatever you want to do as long as you are satisfied with its execution. Failure and success is just the logical sequence of the whole process.

Don’t Be a Full Time Entrepreneur Until You Have One Big Hit

By profession, Taher is a businessman and owns a public limited company. He is more of a part-time singer who does for his own satisfaction. If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling financially but always had an idea stuck in the mind, by all means go for it.

However, don’t quit your stable job. You should put extra time to refine your idea (either it’s a product or a service), put effort into reading, researching and formulating your idea. You never know what response your consumers might have. Even if your idea fails, you will not struggle financially.

Have No Money? Optimize Your Resources

If you are not sure about the outcome of your idea, don’t spend too much on resources. In the first video Taher didn’t bother to hire a model who could act on the song, rather he performed himself (which was the root cause of the criticism).

In his latest song “Angel”, he performed himself and introduced his kid as a “Child Angel”. If you have some unique idea for a product/service but you are out of money, don’t quit. Optimize your resources and make the most efficient use of your current ones.

Be Positive, Be Optimistic

Over a dozen interviews conducted by different hosts on different channels, Taher faced very harsh and bold question but he never lost his mind and always replied in the most optimistic and positive way.

According to him, praise or criticism doesn’t matter to him, he does what he finds best for him. So, be optimistic and opportunist rather than pessimistic and gloomy. It’s the attitude that matters, not results. With a positive and optimistic attitude, even the worst situations can be converted into opportunities.

Persistence is Key!

Taher’s latest song has 2 million hits, he has 150K+ likes on Facebook Page and 46K twitter followers. He’s also gotten gotten a ton of attention getting covered by the biggest foreign news sites in the world and when he releases his new song, it will make even more waves.

So if your idea has gotten massive attention but failed, don’t give up. Work hard on the next idea for a product or service, do your research and use what you learned in your next project. Find a way to channel the hype into actual sales and all will be golden (eventually).

Author is an entrepreneur, Founder & CEO at DatumSquare IT Services. He mentors and helps new startups for their growth. He often writes tech related articles on different platforms.