Taher Shah’s Song Gets 2 Million Hits in 2 Days

It is said that there’s no such thing as good or bad publicity. Any publicity is good publicity.

And then there’s this (confidence level check karein bhai ka):

Lest everyone thought that #TaherShah was a local phenomenon that only had Pakistani social media abuzz, they couldn’t be more wrong. The man (or is it Anjal?) got more than a mention at BBC World:

Even a neighboring country couldn’t resist the ‘charm’ of the angelic hymns:

Behavioral scientists, sociologists, researchers and marketing gurus alike are still dissecting the infectious appeal of the song and its well-received video. In fact Taher Shah’s official website went one step further, posting the ‘ideology’ behind Angel:

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk, we’re still scratching our heads trying to make sense of it all!

Did we mention that his allure knows no bounds? His song transcended all barriers and nationalities, and while at it, people were reminded of Pakistan’s ‘soft image’ that the world rarely gets to acknowledge:

All of this begs the question. Is he really mankind’s angel? Or will he doom us all, until the next chart-topping video that is.

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  • He is an artist am disappointed to see that some mates were humiliating him . Work may be worst or bad but human respect should be considered. So called Dr Aamir liyaqat humiliated him in show in front of crowd on his eye to eye video that was very disgusting.

  • Please, Please, Please, No more articles on him… :-( He is using us and we all are contributing in marketing this beemari…

  • He should be given award for his efforts, atleast he is not depicting anything negative about Pakistan. He is infact getting more hits than any world famous pop star

  • For all the haters. Let me guess, what makes you light headed and entertained these days.

    >> Sports/Cricket(We all know how Media and PCB has a made a total mess of it).

    >> Music(Most of us dont event know the name of any new singer past 2005, let alone any song, even Coke studio has deteriorated so much and music from abroad it is also CRAP likes of Wh0re PoP)

    >> Talk shows and Soap Operas(No comments)

    >> Movies(same old super hero and CGI laden, and dont even get me started on BWood Sh1t).

    So dont be so uptight or class conscious, take a chill pill and enjoy dudes

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