What Rupee’s Devaluation Means for Gamers in Pakistan

The Rupee’s managed float value has crashed significantly since the SBP refused to intervene in the last few days. What does that mean for the gaming community?

  • Your savings in PKR have lost considerable value during the last few days (your PS4’s value in PKR should go up too).
  • If you are in the market for a new console or a large gaming purchase (any purchase at all) now would be the time to do it before the market absorbs the news and prices skyrocket by at least 10-15%.
  • Import restrictions/Customs being harder to deal with is also expected so while this might be gradual, you might end up paying significantly more for games. If you have the ability to set up a non-PK payment method, do so now.

What Is the Solution?

Alternatively, get a family member outside the country to bail you out. I expect even stronger forex restrictions incoming to try and appease whoever the Pakistan government goes to next for a loan.

What that means for you: banks might have further charges or might rethink their entire “international online transactions” features making it even harder for you to use existing payment methods at a decent price.

The reason I wrote this is because a lot of our gaming community is both price-sensitive and relatively inexperienced when it comes to market exchange rates. Getting in front of this will surely help at least some of you.

About the Author

Rahim Amir runs thrift.pk, a popular gaming focused e-commerce retailer and import service provider. His company claims to offer a hassle-free experience to customers in Pakistan.

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