ProPropertyNewsFederal Govt Seeks Report of Mega-Development Projects in Capital

Federal Govt Seeks Report of Mega-Development Projects in Capital

ISLAMABAD: In the capital, the completion of three massive road projects, costing billions of rupees each, including Rawal Dam Interchange, IJP Road Project, and Margalla Avenue, will assist in significantly alleviating traffic congestion.

The federal government has reportedly requested a thorough report on the present state of these multi-billion dollar road projects, which are reportedly getting close to completion.

The details show that as soon as the completion dates are met, the civic organization will ask Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to officially open these road projects.

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Furthermore, the development of these roads sparked discussion, notably among environmentalists who voiced their opposition to the removal of trees for construction purposes.

Besides, the municipal organization then presented a proposal to plant 10 trees in place of one tree that had been cut down after receiving formal approval from the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA).

Additionally, the civic organization also enhanced its technical proficiency in tree transplantation, assisting in the protection of many trees during road project development.

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The sources stated that the completion of these initiatives would significantly aid drivers who encounter the worst traffic bottlenecks at IJP Road and Rawal Dam Chowk.

As per the details, the recent megaprojects that were successfully finished also produced the expected outcomes.

The previously finished Expressway project also turned out to be a game-changer since it paved the way for the construction of more than 100 housing societies and around 20 multifunctional shopping malls on both of its sides, improving the socioeconomic standing of the locals.

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Additionally relieving millions of travelers, the signal-free stretch from Zero Point Interchange to Koral Chowk greatly increased road productivity.

The completion of mega road projects would substantially assist ease the traffic issues in the city, an official of the CDA stated.

He noted that after carefully examining the current state of the traffic and the demands of the drivers, several improvements were started.


  1. Please also help out to revamp GT Road till Taxila. From Tarnol to Taxila, it is 2 lanes while it carries traffic connecting KPK, GB and AJK. This patch is going to be a nightmare and a disaster day by day. Tarnol railway crossings waste huge time & fuel loss during vehicle idling. Similary, Sangjani toll plaza has no relevance which is now within city.

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