Jun 22, 2009


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  • http://sms4smile.com/ Najam

    Congrats Zeeshan bhai, I would love to have you on my msn messenger :) do you mind dropping your msn id in comments ? or perhaps can I get it from Aamir bhai.

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    I have tried it several times. But your story will not be popular with visitors of digg.com only.

    Your website must have large number of traffic and who can digg your story to front page

  • http://propakistani.com Bites85

    Thanks so much Aamir Bhai for this honor, you really surprised me. :-)

    I really appreciate all your support. lol that post will be ready soon.

    Disclaimer: I consider Aamir my big bro, but i guess he just considers me his friend :(

    • http://www.propakistani.com Aamir Attaa

      lol – that’s sweet of you bro!

  • http://rizeworkshop.blogspot.com rize

    Thats great.. well i haven’t hit 100 DIGG with my past 5 months experience with social networking site but once i got more than 500 hit from stumbleupon with in one hour.
    Well if you write about the latest event you will definitely be rewarded.. and i think 100 digg means a huge traffic for you..!! In thousands..

    • http://www.propakistani.com Aamir Attaa

      He didn’t get 100 visitors from digg, but he got 100 front pages. 1 front paged story get around 20,000 hits in a day!

      • http://propakistani.com Bites85

        A single Digg FrontPage get’s you a minimum of 20,000+ Visitors and a maximum of 100,000+ Visitors.

        • Sufian

          Zeeshan Great Job Dear..

  • Bilal Ahmad

    congrates zeshan

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Digg is one of the most famous social Book mark

  • umair

    Digg says his page has been removed or he has been asked to get lost or he has been kicked … dude what did he do or the address is wrong :P

    • Bleh

      It means he’s banned