Ever you got Digg Front Page? Zeeshan Shafquat Got his 100th Digg FP Yesterday!

Zeeshan Shafqat, also known as Bites85, a writer at ProPakistani, a Social Media and Internet Marketing specialist completed his century for getting front page on Digg.Com last night.

Islamabad based this 18 year teen made this history when one of his submission about Pakistan’s World Cup champs’ news hit the front page.

For those who are not familiar with Digg.Com, it is a news sharing social network, where people from across the world share urls (links of) news, videos and images – once submitted, Digg users can up-vote your stories until it reaches Front Page of Digg; from where that particular story is read/viewed by thousands of internet users across the globe. Digg is also the world’s largest news sharing social network.

Getting one front page is like a milestone for many users, but Zeeshan did it 100 times, and importantly, his last Front Page was of Pakistan winning the T20 World Cup. Which is not less than a blessing for him as one of the most important news of Pakistan marked his 100th FP.

This is Zeeshan’s Digg profile link – he can be reached at [email protected]

Congratulations Zeeshan, hope you will never stop this journey!

I have requested him to prepare a detailed article on how we can use social media platforms for marketing products and services.

Disclaimer: Zeeshan is also a close friend of mine.

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