• taimoor khan

    good fro overseas pakistani

  • Saleem Chohan

    We have heard that mobile banking has been a success in some African countries. And experts tell us that Pakistan has a suitable mix — like large rural population, high cellular teledensity, low income levels — for being an successful country to adopt mobile banking.

    There are however a few other things those need to be taken into account. We’re not a very literate nation — especially when it comes to communicating in ‘farangi’ language. The large rural population — or for that matter even huge portion of urban population — would not be able to use commands and interface in English language. Someone will need to bring innovative solutions to overcome these hurdles.

    When mobile telephony and text messages experienced a steep growth over the last few years, broadband didn’t pickup — at least up till recently — like in South Korea or China. Neither did data services became anywhere near to becoming mainstream like in Japan or many other Westren countries. 3G is yet to see face of the day.

    UBL did try to provide mobile banking by offering UBL Orion some two years back. Their continuation shows that product is not doing bad. But, they had an existing infrastructure, expertise and brand recognition to build on.

    Lets see how future unfolds for Mobilink.

  • very good news

  • Javed Naushahi

    It would fly, if commercial banks and post office participate and market to unbanked population. CRULP of FAST Lahore, Global owner of Urdu on computers, can revolutionlize mobile text messaging in Urdu.