• wow this is cool stuff. I wish we get out paypal by now !

  • Very nice article.

    Well I think PayPal forces us to commit fraud and all that illegal work. Let me tell how.
    I’m a freelance marketer and I use to have problems getting my payments. But sadly we don’t have PayPal yet. I asked my Uncle who lives in UK to let me use his account. Now I do have PayPal and I receive my payments through it. But still I don’t have freedom to use it as I always have to email my Uncle and then wait for his reply for hours. Everything is still a mess.

    I do have some relive but things are not that smooth. We all need PayPal, the funny thing is in turn PayPal will get benefited of it. And not all our nation is a fraud. It’s PayPal’s job to catch the thief’s just like Google Adsense does in Pakistan and banned the fraud users. So there is always way outs but PayPal not coming in Pakistan seems like a different story. I wonder what exactly problem they have.

    So PayPal get me out of this misery.

    And for the sake of “”CHANGE”” bring PayPal in Pakistan :-)

    • ali

      well there was a time when paypal did offer accounts for pakistan but got many problems and many frauds from here,whatever may be their reasons .so atlast they decided to kick out this part of the world.
      i was also user of paypal that time but after that got many problems as their verification system is so complex especially for pakistan.
      Libertyreserve.com is another service i use now and is much better than paypal in many respects.

    • Thank you for your comments Bites, this is our campaign and we are all knowledge workers that require PayPal.com to authorize payments in Pakistan. Pakistan now has Barclays Bank and PayPal should reconsider!

  • invited 56 friends :P

    • Wonderful! We just jumped from 1689 to 1845 overnight and this shows how many people and how quickly they are joining this country level attempt to convince PayPal!

  • omerfarooq786

    May be we need an Entrepreneur, who can get into Partnership with Paypal for their operations only in Pakistan. In this way, Paypal’s fear of investing in Pakistan might get lowered.

  • Tania Aslam

    Thanks for the initiative. Pakistan is no doubt contributing alot and deserve to have these services too.

  • haseeb

    Great effort

  • maddy

    Thanks guys.. i joined and invited my friends! I hope to see PayPal in Pakistan soon.

    BTW, Alertpay and alternate popular site supports Pakistan.

  • Najam

    thanks for letting us know about this, but I guess it’s not going to help anyways!

    • maddy

      aww.. why not? for sake of rest of us?

  • If it will happen because of this effort. This will be the your great efforts in IT revolution in coming days. I have invited my friends to join this cause.

    • Thanks Fayat! Please invite more friends and don’t forget to write your thoughts to PayPal.com and Ebay.com. If we all write to them at least 5 time this month, we will build the pressure to make them think about this demand!

  • S.Faisal Hasan


    I would agree to the need of having paypal available in Pakistan. I am a very usual shopper on Amazon.com and other website where the credit card works directly.

    But still I am at bay with the ones that only have the payment method of paypal. In case of urgency I did go through the hassle of calling up my friend in UK to charge his Paypal for my product, and then settling the money against wire transfer. But again anyways this is just looking for hard ways out which might not be applicable for everyone in every situation.

    Paypal merchant account can open a whole lot of avenues for establishing reliable and safe online businesses for a growing number of prosperous candidates.

    Count me in for the campaign.


  • Farmanullah Khan

    This is a nice move, But there are others hundreds of posts about Paypal in Pakistan, I don’t know why they are not authorizing Pakistan, There are others Payment Gatway working in Pakistan like Moneybookers, Alertpay and so on, We can’t just do online business because we don’t have Paypal? We face hundreds of problems in getting freelance jobs or hiring some one for our project because we don’t have Paypal, Paypal is the mostly using payment gateway but we just refuse the order because we don’t have Paypal.

    We should do Anything we can to force Paypal accept Pakistan, brothes take part in this Campaign and send your message to Paypal.

  • I’ll surely do this. I need Paypal very badly. Every other website on the internet requires you to have a Paypal account.

  • Kashif

    Why you are all dying for paypal. I think like a Govt. of Pakistan we are used to behave like that. If they are not willing to come then no issue. You have also brain to setup your own payment system. Atleast for Pakistan you can built up the business without credit card. Like via direct bank deposit, postal orders etc. The problem is our banking system doesn’t faciliate common man ya offcourse if your pocket is filled of thousands of rupess then you can setup international account in only one bank , i don’t mention the name as i am not spamming but it’s the international bank. Research yourself. Do wire, or via check, as credit cards are not suitable for Muslim healths.

  • Zayan

    Hi There,

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    Paypal is a secure way to send or receive payments.
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  • you are doing good job but think about the paypal services in pakistan because it can’t sport pakistan and do not provide sevices in pakistan

  • you are working very good

  • Zayan

    If you need to make any payment through paypal u can contact us.

  • zeeshan

    One of the easiest way to receive payments online is through Moneybookers:
    Here is the address.


    check it out.

  • areef

    if any one need pay pall account in pakistan then contact 0333-3019528

  • Waiting for paypal services in Pakistan, hope that it will be soon available.

  • sahil

    to purchase any file sharing account or you dont have paypal account please contact 03132377447(karachi)


  • Bilal

    I really would like to appreciate the effort you guys are doing in order to pressure paypal to start serving pakistan. And I would like to tell you that I too need paypal in Pakistan, just because its been used widely by a lot of my clients (I am freelancer).

    Regardless of this, when I read comment from our people here who literally begging paypal and/or underestimating themselves by thinking that paypal is purposefully not opening their services to Pakistan etc. I feel really bad.

    Please note that its not Paypal who don’t want to start their business in Pakistan, because it makes no sense from their point of view. Rather its non-existence of / Block on diplomatic relationship between Pakistan and Israel that is keeping Paypal out of Pakistan. So in a nut shell its not Paypal blocking us, its us blocking them. Off course Paypal people will never say that to you directly because its humiliation form them lolz.. buts dats the reality.

    So in my opinion PayPal will never ever be available in Pakistan until the Pakistan accepts the existence of Israel and/or start diplomatic relationship with Israel, so this would be the price we may have to pay in order to bring Paypal and its sister companies to Pakistan. And I personally do not want to pay that price, despite the fact that I badly need paypal for my bussiness too.

    You guys can take your own decision.

    PS: Please excuse typos.

  • wajid jamshaid

    Undoubtedly People in Pakistan are looking for Paypal services in Pakistan.But unfortunately it has not happened yet.So now we are looking for Paypal alternative and according to my opinion ecom Solutions Pakistan can be a best Paypal alternative in Pakistan.