• Adam Ali

    just experienced all three observations today while reporting my cell.. what a coincidence..

  • Mughal

    haha … what else can u expect from a Pakistani government site?

  • shahzad

    May be I am living on planet 51 :-) because our web search engine tells me that

    “IMEI numbers either come in a 17 digit or 15 digit sequences of numbers”
    Ref: http://www.gsm-security.net/faq/imei-international-mobile-equipment-identity-gsm.shtml

    • Junaid Alvi

      CPLC deals only with 15 digit IMEI numbers. IMEI is always 15 digits, the 2 extra digit exists as an identifier for your Service Provider only. Which in not common in Pakistan, as our networks don’t provide handsets also.

      • shahzad

        bhai meray 2 digits are software version and not for Service Provider. IMEI is specific to device itself and it has nothing to do with service provider. If in pakistan only 15 digits IMEI are used then thats fine I was only trying to say that do not generalize it to whole world :-) as the author worte

        “As they didn’t know that there are 15 digits for IMEI number of every GSM phone (at least on planet Earth)”

    • Junaid Alvi

      You can see its mentioned 15 digits there

      • bro its stolen mobile search section and the link which is mentioned in the article is for the registration for lost mobile phones imei number. check it.

    • IMEI is always 15 digits, the 17 digit number is called IMEISV, i hope you might understand now.

  • hahahaha.

  • kashif

    look like they updated website… check again

  • Mutahir

    I think you are mistaken. Quite a few phone sets’ IMEI numbers are longer than 15 digits. Whether it is an IMEI or IMEISV number, whatever the phone displays using the IMEI retrieval method should be recorded as reported by the phone and stored accordingly. It should be recorded and subsequently reported in case of a mishap exactly as it IS. I don’t think there is an error on part of CPLC.

  • i am a shopkeeper off and on brand new cell phones are stollen from my shopin packed form. how can i blocked them and how can i trace them if these are being used by somebody.

  • میرا موبائل فون نوکیاکا گم ھوگیا ھے میں جانناں چاھتاھوں کہ میرے imei کونسا sim card چل رھا ھے
    براۓ مھربانی فرماکر کوي سلوشن بتائں

  • mera mobile nokia ka chori ho geya hai mere pass daba uor rsid bi hai imei se pata chal sekta hai ke ab uos main kon si sim card chall rha hai paless agr koi slotin hai to btai aaaaaaa

  • Muhammad Shehzad

    Hi, my iphone 4 stolen from home and i want trace it if someone using sim in it? how it can be ?

  • rao

    what else you can expect from this nation

  • Arzoo Rajput

    cplc mera cell about 4months pehle chori ho gya tha magar ab wo mje wapis mil gya ha me ne wo cplc se block karwaya tha tab magar ab me call karti hun unblock karwane ke liye to wo kehte hen ke mere cell ka koi record majood nhi ha .. mje kya karna chahiye tell me plzzz

  • Arzoo Rajput

    mje confirm yad ni ha ke me ne kis id card se block karwaya tha :(

  • Arzoo Rajput

    no answer to me … its pakistan :)